Long term care 2Secure Measures Reduce the Risk of Financial Loss and Brand Reputation

ARA provides loss prevention and physical security consulting to organizations in the long term care industry.  We work with assisted living, skilled nursing and in home health organizations to identify negative workplace behaviors that lead to employee theft, fraud, workers compensation claims, high turnover, low productivity, elder abuse, and reputation loss.

We help reduce your vulnerability to various employee-related issues, thus saving you money, embarrassment and potentially, your business itself. ARA Fraud & Forensic Services provides discreet, comprehensive, personalized and professional loss prevention and investigative services that pay for themselves a hundred times over by helping you build a business culture of honesty and integrity.

We offer ten key services that help you build a secure, fraud-free culture through our
proven ARA Approach: Prevention From The Inside Out.

  1. Hiring Ethical Employees
    Online pre-employment assessments identify negative workplace behaviors a candidate may possess.  Healthcare background checks to ensure you are not hiring a high risk employee.
  2. Training
    Facilitate interview and workplace investigative training for hiring managers and loss-prevention training for employees
  3. Internal Hotline
    In-house hotline service to report theft, fraud and elder abuse
  4. Loss Prevention Consulting
    Programs aimed to reduce losses involving company assets such as inventory, cash, narcotics and residents personal property. Review and implement physical security protocols for facilities
  5. Investigations
    Conduct HR and theft related investigations with emphasis to minimize employment claims and other liability matters
  6. Site Visits
    Performance of site visits for training and audit purposes
  7. Risk Assessments and Security Audits
    Conducting of fraud risk assessments and business threat assessments. Implementation and performance of operational and physical security audits
  8. Culture Surveys
    Facilitate company culture surveys to uncover potential employee issues
  9. Regulatory and Compliance
    Assist with maintaining industry regulatory requirements as it relates to fraud and elder abuse
  10. Reporting and Metrics
    Development of KPI’s and an incident tracking system in order to provide monthly reports to key management

For more information, please contact us at 636-346-9273 or email info@arastl.com