How to Prevent Hiring an Unethical Candidate

statement-lyingStatement Analysis as a Pre-employment Screening Tool

Most people have probably heard of handwriting analysis, but many aren’t familiar with the process of Statement Analysis for pre-employment purposes. Statement Analysis is an advanced investigative technique administered to guide employers during the selection and hiring process.

Since 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information and 11% of all applicants misrepresent why they left a previous job, Statement Analysis provides employers with another tool to uncover past employment related issues during the interview process.

The statement analysis begins with an employer requesting that a potential candidate write a one-page detailed statement that specifies his/her job history, consisting of previous employers, duration of employment, work responsibilities and reasons they left the job. The hiring employer would then submit the statement to an outside firm to analyze the candidate’s information for signs that they were misrepresenting, omitting, exaggerating or withholding information to avoid the internal stress of lying. This linguistics-based method provides cues for asking potential employee follow-up questions to uncover any discrepancies or past employment related issues.

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