business man giving his team a trainingFraud Prevention Starts with Educating the Entire Organization

Training is instrumental to minimizing the opportunity for fraud to occur. Educating CEO’s all the way down to line level employees is at the core of everything we do. Preventing employee theft and fraud starts with instilling a heightened sense of awareness throughout the organization.  In the absence of training and creating that awareness, fraud schemes can go undetected on for long periods of time thus costing companies significant financial loses. Statistics show that by training employees you reduce the time to detect fraud and fraud losses by 50%.

ARA provides seminars and training programs for C level executives, Human Resource personnel, management and employees.  Some of our seminar and training topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Protecting Your Business From Occupational Fraud
    This seminar provides an overview of fraud in the workplace.  Topics of disucssion include: What occupational fraud is, fraud statistics, common types of fraud in small business, red flags of a dishonest employee and an overview of the “ARA Approach” to fraud prevention.
  • Creating a Fraud Free Environment
    This seminar builds upon the “Protecting Your Business from Occupational Fraud 101” training.  Emphasis is placed on specific fraud prevention strategies and tools within the “ARA Approach” that companies can implement to create a fraud free environment within their organization.
  • Hiring for Integrity
    This training is geared towards anyone in the organization who conducts pre-employment interviews.  This training helps interviewers assess a candidates ethics during the interview. Learning objectives for this seminar include: interview room set up, identifying a candidates baseline behavior, reading verbal and non verbal body language to detect deception and incorporating assumptive based questions into your interviews.
  • Anti-fraud Training for Employees
    This seminar educates the workforce on ways that fraud occurs within an organization, the red flags to pay attention to, their role in preventing and reporting fraud and the impact fraud has on an organization as it relates to them as the employee.
  • Building a Strong Company  Culture
    This training discusses the importance of instilling a strong company culture as it relates to preventing fraud.  Emphasis is placed on mechanisms organizations can take to build a great culture that fosters employee engagement and a sense of ownership from the workforce.
  • Conducting Workplace Investigations
    A must have training for HR managers.  This is a 4 hour workshop that discusses proper investigative techniques, legal elements necessary to conduct an investigation, documenting the case and collecting written statements that stand up in court. (HRCI credit applied for)
  • Loss Prevention Training for Management
    This course is targeted towards retailers, convenience store operators and restaurant owners. Emphasis is placed on methods to impact inventory shrinkage and cash shortage issues which can drain a company’s profit.
  • Loss Prevention 101
    This course educates employees and supervisors on the internal and external threats that cause loss for an organization.  Emphasis is placed on the three elements that make up shrinkage, behavioral red flags to pay attention to and the employee’s role in preventing theft in the workplace.
  • Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Training
    This seminar educates employees, management and owners on how to mitigate a workplace violence situation at the onsite and actions to take if a threat is carried out in the workplace. Click the YouTube icon below to view the Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Video.

ARA can design customized fraud prevention programs and training tailored specifically for your organization.

If you are interested in training your team, please contact us at 636-346-9273 or email