integrityInterviewsDid you Know that a criminal background check will only capture approximately 15-17% of the population that have been convicted of a crime?

A pre-employment Integrity Interview is geared towards identifying ethical related incidents, employment issues and civil / criminal matters that may exist with a candidate so that you can make a well informed hiring decision. This interview is done by trained investigators that know how to read and listen to both verbal and non verbal behavior.  This allows us to pick up when a candidate may show signs of deception or possibly withholding information from us so that we can ask follow up questions to get to the truth.

Approximately 85 – 87% of the workforce are comprised of individuals who 1) have never taken anything from their employer; 2) have not been caught yet; or 3) have never been prosecuted for a theft of fraud.

This is non confrontational phone interview which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Once an interview is complete, the client will receive a report with the interview questions and the candidates responses, along with any red flags that were noted during the conversation.  The information we obtain through this interview process has been extremely valuable to our clients and has been proven to reduce the risk of theft or fraud.


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