Preventing Corruption Fraud

Fraud Awareness Tip of the Week Corruption fraud schemes account for 33% of all workplace fraud and the average fraud loss due to organizations is $200,000.  Industries such as construction, manufacturing, financial and professional services are more susceptible to this type of fraud and far exceed these statistics. Most corruption fraud schemes occur outside the… Read More »

Fraud Tip of the Month

Billing Fraud Schemes Fraud of any nature can quickly drain company profitability.  Billing schemes account for 28.7% of all fraud and is one of the more common types of schemes we see in organizations. In smaller organizations, billing schemes are easy to pull off due to the lack of separation of duties or management oversight.… Read More »

Fraud Awareness Week Nov 16 – 22, 2014

International Fraud Awareness Week is November 16 – 22, 2014 Employee theft and fraud plagues all organizations, regardless of industry and size. What is unfortunate is that most companies do not take the time to implement preventative and detective strategies to protect the bottom line from these kinds of losses. It’s not a matter of… Read More »